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We are

a fast-growing advertising agency, providing integrated services in the field of marketing communications. We operate comprehensively, from the preparation of a communication strategy, through graphic design to the implementation of a campaign in the media.

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About us


Our agency is the most effective combination - many years of experience in the Polish advertising market, and a fresh look at all the news appearing in the very dynamic world of marketing communications. We offer a wide range of services, we can design and implement complex tasks related to every plane of marketing operations.


We develop and implement solutions for the most demanding customers. We understand the importance of response time and flexibility in changing market conditions. We do not waste time. We operate in a variety of industries - from food and catering to high-tech. We offer the best solutions for every one of them.



Our agency consists of people with extensive experience in various industries, with a non-conventional way of looking at the surrounding reality, world-hungry and open to everything new and interesting. We have knowledge gained both in renowned advertising agencies, as well as the largest trading companies in Poland. As a result, we know what customers need and what we can do to provide it to them.

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• creation and graphics
• photography
• online marketing
• strategies and marketing campaigns
• commercial materials
• event marketing




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What’s new?


We made a new magazine for STER Shopping Center!

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